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The Interview Teacher


How the Interview Teacher Can Help

The Interview Teacher aims to prepare each of its customers to move to the next level in their career search.  Through continuous research, contact with industry experts, and experience interviewing all organizational levels, the Interview Teacher will prepare you with 7 key tenants by:

1.  Understanding how to prepare for an interview.

2.  Learning the differences between the types of interviews.

3.  Preparing your interview outfit.

4.  Practicing successfully answering questions throughout the interview.

5.  Implementing strategies to manage phone and Skype interviews.

6.  Producing suggested questions to ask the interviewer(s).

7.  Developing a follow-up plan for after the interview and beyond.

Whether interviewing for an entry-level position or an executive position, the Interview Teacher can help you get to the next level.  Schedule your free interview consultation today!




A job interview is a two-way street. They are interviewing you and you are interviewing them. Never forget that. The employer is in the hot chair too.
— Dr. Roger W. Davis