Learn the art and science of interviewing...and get your dream job!

How it Works

How Does It Work?

The Interview Teacher structures your sessions into two parts:  Consultation and Coaching Sessions.  Each potential customer gets a 20-minute consultation to discuss your upcoming interview logistics, industry specs, and your career highlights.  

Step 1:  Get a free 20-Minute Consultation

During the 20-Minute Free Consultation, we will assess your upcoming career aspirations, your past career accomplishments, and your current industry.  From there, the Interview Teacher will prepare a detailed approach to prepare you for your upcoming interview.


Step 2:  Schedule a 1.5 Hour Session

Your assigned coach will start with an education on the science of attraction, interviewing diagnostics, and strategies for the types of interviews with specific strategies to overcome nervousness, project expertise, and answer questions swiftly and effectively. We will then perform a mock interview with standard questions.  From there, we’ll offer an assessment of how you’re currently performing, what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve it.  Lastly, you will be given homework to improve, along with exercises to practice before you show up at your interview.

At the end of the first session, we will email you notes, summarizing areas of improvement and exercises we’d like you to complete before you schedule the next session.

Additional Steps:  Schedule additional 1-Hour Sessions

The coach will review your preparation, including your completed homework exercises.  After the review, the coach will do another mock interview with you. You’ll get on-the-spot coaching to help you sound confident, polished, and qualified.